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What is a

Sportvision Assessment?

The primary visual skills for sport are aiming and anticipation. A Sportvision assessment is a programme of diagnostic and screening tests which are based on this. The tests are designed to go much further and deeper into understanding the way your eyes work together and to monitor improvements over time.

In addition to a full eye test, it assesses:

  • Hand/eye co-ordination
  • How the eyes work together
  • Which eye is dominant
  • How your eyes work in poor light
  • How coloured lenses enhance your vision
  • Anticipation skills
  • Eye speed

Improves accuracy in:

  • Aim in target shooting – (archery, rifle, pistol, shotgun, darts)
  • Potting skills – (snooker)
  • Catching – (goalkeeping)
  • Batting consistency – (cricket)
  • Timing – (rowing)
  • Putting and driving – (golf)
  • Position awareness – (rugby and football)
  • Obstacle avoidance – (cycling, motor racing)
  • Length and line – (bowls)


With a range of sports specific eyewear) from:

  • Trauma / physical impact
  • Ultraviolet and infra-red rays
  • Intense visible light / glare
  • Rain, mud, dirt
  • Reflected light (off sand, snow and water)

I would recommend anyone who is working with computer screens all day to visit Carmelo's opticians for an eye exam as you never know that you might need glasses.

Salvatore Messina