Contact Lenses


Children can be prescribed contact lenses from a young age.There are many benefits including:

  • great for Sport giving unobstructed field of view
  • freedom from spectacles

Requirements can be met on an individual case by case basis. We offer different types of Contact Lens from Gas Permeable lenses to Soft lenses.

Daily wear of Gas Permeable lenses which require overnight disinfection offers the benefits of:

  • easier handling for applying and removing from the surface of the eye
  • minimal risk of eye infection
  • offer excellent vision correction

Soft lenses – the most widely prescribed lens type – offer the benefits of :

  • easy adaptation
  • good vision correction
  • daily disposable offer minimal risk of infection when worn once and disposed of

I have been seeing Carmelo as my optician for many years now and could not recommend him more highly!

Jake O'Connell